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We turn your dreams into reality

Making Dreams Simple

Implementing and executing ideas are crucial to business and property development success. Krungthep Real Estate help aids companies and clients in time management, legal obligations, budget control and development of projects large and small. Instruct KRE with your criteria and the desired results to ensure your development realizes it’s potential. 

1. Make contact

Contact Krungthep Real Estate and make a no-obligation appointment. Our Project Managers will then assess your project and instruct on the best way to move forward.

2. Project planning

We will look into your more specific requirements and structure to your schedule and budget. During this, you will have 24hr access to an online project portal.

3. one-stop-shop

 Accounts, receipts, payments, and orders can be confusing. Speak to us about our One-Stop-Shop service where we take control of your project. Do things easy. Do it with KRE.

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Recent Projects

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One-Stop-Shop Services

Our clients often choose to use KRE’s One-Stop-Shop service to cover the inception to completion of their projects. This covers all that your project would need from Project Management, Interior Design, Legal and Construction.

All of your projects progress is displayed and tracked in KRE's easy-to-use online software trackers. Clients are able to log-in through their account and view all elements of their project in real-time, allowing 24/7 access to its progress and reports. 


Are you moving abroad, renovating your home or re-furnishing? See why people from all over the world use this amazing service.

Project management

Fully interactive live reporting is used in KRE Project Management services. Click to see why you need a PM. 

Interior design

Sit down with our design team and re-create your imagination to build an environment to suit your budget and taste.


Building and extending or creating from new? View our portfolio and create builds tailored especially for you.

legal & contract

Speak to London educated lawyers for Legal and contract help, translation of English to Thai, foreign purchases and much more. 


In partnership with our project management service. Our construction specialists bring your creation to life.  

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