Fake agents are everywhere unfortunately, we have them all over the world. More often than not however, these are people who are looking to make a quick 'buck' from unsuspecting renters. Landlords in the UK often choose to not rent short-term and also choose to not house students (event mature students studying for mater's degrees). This opens up a whole world of issues though regarding 'fake agents'. Read below for further details and how to avoid these people!


  • 'Fake Agents' will charge you much higher - This is becoming a large problem among foreign students. As many do not know the costs for private rooms, many fake agents have started to surface and will offer you a room at a much higher rate to obtain commission

  • Many registered agencies do not offer a commission split to these people. So 'Fake Agents' will add up to an additional 10,000 THB PER WEEK to rental costs in order to secure themselves a commission

  • Also, if the rental cost is higher, they may charge you additional Property Deposit Costs and only pay a partial amount into the the secure Tenancy Deposit Scheme. (You may loose more deposit if they choose to add hidden charges)


Fake Agents

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