In the UK they have what are 'Agency processing fees'. These are often exploited by agents and are used to gain additional funds from foreign people when renting. This may seem unfair but its a practice that has been happening in the UK for a long time and is something that is also currently under review. Hopefully in the near future the agency fees will be scrapped and we can start to look forward to cheaper rentals!


  • This is unfortunately a thing in the UK. UK agencies charge the tenant a processing fee to sign up (depends on the agency as to how much they charge)

  • Unfortunately, most agencies see foreign students as easy pickings and they will more often than not overcharge in order to obtain more money

  • Additionally, if a 'Fake Agent' is processing your property request. They may charge you additional funds in order to gain further commission from your rental request

  • Fee's vary per agency, but most are around 10,000 - 20,000 THB (per application)


Agency Processing Fees

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